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March 12, 2021 3 min read

Check out the brand new Wildcat Mini BMX Original 2A Venom

Now available for pre-order, we have heard your requests and have launched a brand new all black model in the Venom.

Wildcat Mini BMX Original 2A Venom

Complete with:

  • Disc brakes
  • Brand new Cross Wheel Set reducing weight and increasing strength of the wheel
  • 2021 tires that make it feel like you are riding on clouds
  • 2 piece medium chromoly bars
  • Premium 6061 Aluminum Top Load Stem
  • Strong one piece crank for riders up to 175lbs.

The Venom will start shipping out mid April 2021 - but supplies are limited and demand is significant.

Don't be fooled by claims of department store bikes - Wildcat Mini BMX continues to push the limits on what it means to ride on the Best Mini BMX bike on the market.

We run our own factory specifically designed to produce a revolutionary Mini BMX bike - we are not a Mini BMX produced by another factory and rebranded. That's why our research and development team works tirelessly to innovate and reinvent what it means to shred on a BMX Mini.

Whether you are a 4 year old starting out, or a 40 year old reliving your childhood (or stealing your kids bike!!) we have a model of Mini BMX to suit you.

Check out the full range here


Wildcat Mini BMX. "Built for bigger things!"

The Original 2 range is built for more serious park, street and jump riding. With an updated frame design, and the only Mini BMX in the US to have disc brakes, nothing else comes close.

The bike performs as good as it looks too, with quality components throughout — rather than plastic, as found on department store bikes.

Imagine hours of fun on this tough little critter. 

Wildcat Mini BMX spec


The 2A features 2-piece Cro-Moly handle bars and a 1-piece crank.  This has been tested successfully up to 220lbs, but we recommend for those over 175lbs, you select a model with the 3-piece crank.

The Original 2 range upwards now also features the awesome upgraded tires — much lighter and with faster roll speed, some say they're like riding on clouds...

Suitable for park, track and competition use. (Road use requires reflectors and bell.)

You'll stand out from the crowd at the skate park on this stunt bike and will be wanting to post all your tricks straight to social media. We'd love to see them — make sure you tag #wildcatminiusa

12 months warranty on components and a limited lifetime warranty on the frame, you can shred with peace of mind.

  • Full replacement warranty
  • Lifetime  warranty on frame
  • 12 month warranty on parts —  see warranty section for full details.


    • Bars: Light Weight high strength 4130 Cro-Moly handle bars
    • Brakes: The only Mini BMX in the USA & Canada to include disc brakes
    • Chain: Traditional KMC Z410
    • Chain Wheel: 28t
    • Crank: Strong 1-piece crank with Wildcat patented high-speed bearings
    • Driver: Patented Wildcat 9 tooth driver and high-speed bearings
    • Fork: Hi-tensile steel
    • Frame: Hi-tensile steel
    • Seat: OPC Fat type, kevlar coated
    • Stem: Premium 6061 Aluminium forged, top load
    • Tire: 45 psi
    • Wheels: Cross wheel set, premium ABS material, CNC Aluminum core
    • Weight rating: 175 lb (tested to 220lb) on 1 piece crank bikes (265lb on 3 piece cranks)
    • Weight: 19.62 lbs (8.9kg)

    These bikes are the complete package and are 90% assembled.

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