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Wildcat Mini BMX Reviews

The team at Wildcat Mini BMX care deeply about our riders and pride ourselves on the quality of our bikes and our customer service.

All reviews on this page with the "Verified" badge have been confirmed as legitimate reviews on a bike actually purchased.

If you ever have an issue with your Wildcat Mini BMX, please just contact us, including photos and a description of any problem you might have, and we will aim to get it sorted under our comprehensive warranty program.

We value the reviews and photos that everyone sends in - and read and respond to all reviews we receive.

If there is anything else we can help you with, please hit the email button on the top of the page and shoot us through an email and we'll respond within 24 hours (probably sooner).

Thanks for your support, and ongoing reviews.

Wildcat Mini BMX | Built for bigger things!

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OG3A Lazer
Sharni Emmett
Wildcat OG3A Lazer

We got this bike for our sons 4th birthday he absolutely loves it! His first time riding with no training wheels and he had no trouble at all would definitely recommend!

Handle Bar Grips
Daniel Fraser


Handle bar 4pc | medium
George H Barton III - {Drkaboo}
Fire 🔥 😁👍🏽

Thank you, the handle bars are 🔥 great quality, packed to prevent damage, awesome job, LoVe the purple

OG3A Royal Blue
Catarina Macedo
The best bike ever!

I bought this for my 4 year old son with hopes to teach him how to ride a bike.
We were very excited and couldn't wait to get it.
The box had a delay in shipping, (i was supposed to receive the bike on Friday and I got it on Tuesday) and that was resolved so quick after the weekend I received the bike with NO ISSUES. Great customer service. Hands down. 

 Opening the box was exciting. I have zero knowledge in putting together a bike as I've never done it. But I am a crafty mom so I figured I could do it. And I did. I put it together so easily, watching the videos was simple and the instructions were clear. Even put the pegs too! Had to adjust the handlebars and the seat once after he was on it but I brought the tools in my backpack so I did it on the spot!  I wc been got embassies on how to maintain it worth great tips and tricks (my favorite).

 My son just turned 4 in January, he is a smaller sized kiddo and was used to riding a balance bike, not a pedal bike, but uses a 4 wheeled scooter at the skate part and i figured I'd teach him to ride a bike with this bike, the wildcat minibmx and he did so on the very first day. As in he actually was riding it alone. We were persistent (both me and my son). Honestly, one of the absolute best experiences of my life. To watch my son try something hard, almost give up and sticking with it and succeeding. 

 I had to save for this bike for a bit and I wanted to say that it was worth every penny as the experiences I've had with my son, since day one of receiving it, have been PRICELESS. 

 so thank you, for making a great bike, I was hesitant as it was out of my budget, and had read another review of another parent who got it for her child and she felt it was unsafe and big and heavy. I'm glad I went with my gut and got it. 


Much success to you all at wild cat mini bmx and to many more memories to come for me and my family!

Wow Catarina, what amazing feedback. You’ve genuinely made our day. The whole team at Wildcat is absolutely passionate about exceeding peoples expectations with their Wildcat and hearing your feedback is the responses we want all our customers to have.
So pleased to hear that assembling the bike was easy for you and that your able to create some amazing memories with your boy.
We know our bikes aren’t the cheapest on the market, but we aim to make them in a way that they will last, will be the best in market, and that you don’t have to spend a fortune fixing an inferior product.
Thanks once again - can’t wait to see what he can do with the bike for the years to come.
You’ve made our day. Thank you.

Ash Mcburney

Great seat
Looks great
Fast shipping

Inner Tube
Nadine palmby
Good review

Recommend to buy

Thanks so much Nadine, you're very much appreciated given you have multiple Wildcat's in the family!! Enjoy the shred.

Outstanding Customer Service

Delivery turn around was very quick which was pleasing. Be careful not to pump the tires to the recommended 60 PSI as we did and the tire popped. Outstanding customer service provided and a new tire and tube was sent within minutes of getting off the phone. Well built bike and many hours of fun to be had!

One happy boy!

Hi Cathy, I'm pleased we were able to sort out the blown tyre for you - so sorry that has happened. We have asked the tyre manufacturer to amend the messaging on the tyre as on rare occasions they do blow when inflated to 60psi.
I hope your grandson has many hours of fun on his Wildcat.

Pro Series P30 Oil Slick
Justin Cornell
Pro series P30

I bought this for my 6yo’s birthday! I bought him the original 2 for his birthday last year & he rides it daily! I thought I’d surprise him with a new one! He loves his new P30! He thinks it’s “sick”😂😎 The quality & overall components of the P30 are crazy! I’m sure it will last as long as he wants to ride it! Thanks for the customer during both orders!

Thanks so much Justin - love that you're adding another Wildcat to the family - which one are you riding??? haha.

Solid little bike! Great for learners

My son just turned 3 a few months ago, average height kid. Got the X-small bars and he loves it! Got rocking with no training wheels the 1st day. Solid quality, a little more expensive. Honestly wish the disk brake was a little more easy to operate for a little kid. I have a disc brake on another one of his bikes that has a lever that’s easier to adjust for small hands and is a little more forgiving. Overall a great bike! Crazy expensive for a 3 year olds bike but I can see it lasting him as long as he wants to keep riding it!

Customer service was extremely helpful and responsive along the way

Thank you Paul for your feedback and comments - it's been great trying to help sort out the brake lever but hopefully your little man will be able to make it work easily in no time. Let's hope that 'dad' also gets to have a but of a play!!

Gary Critchell
Tyre, Hand Grips, Seat

Excellent products and fantastic service. Thanks for the extras will definitely be shopping here in the future.

Thank you so much Gary, pleased that you have been super happy with the products and service.

OG3A Royal Green
Marek kolar

Fairly easy to build. Lots of fun

Thank you so much Marek for your review - hope you're having hours and hours of fun on it.

OG3A Lazer
Larnica Marshall
Back wheel rubbing

Disappointed after first 5 mins that the chain rubbed on the back wheel and cause the detailing on wheel to come off ???

Sorry to hear you've had an issue Larnica - would you be able to send details (photos and video) of the issue through to and we will look into it. It might be that the back tyre isn't centred properly or maybe overinflated.

Pro stunt pegs
Matt Guest
Pro Stunt Pegs

My 8yr old son loves his new Pro Stunt Pegs for his bike.

Also a special thanks to the Wildcat team for sorting out the items I purchased.

So glad the pegs turned up and sorry once again for the delay. We are seeing widespread delays at the moment because of the flooding but hopefully that will get back to normal soon.
Enjoy the pegs - I hope they add a lot of additional fun to his bike.

Original 2A Crazy Boy
Christian Capps
What a ripper

Bought the original wildcat in yellow for my son he's just turned 9. It's ridiculous how well this lil bike is made. We have hard floors so he's been tearing it up in the house freaking crazy. He also really digs the noisy flywheel and it helps us tell which corner he's coming around. We live near a bike park so it will eventually make it to the bowls, as it looks completely capable. Also picked up a set of pegs and they go great, I just missed the free peg deal but they were worth the money

Such awesome feedback - thanks for taking the time Christian to write that. Super pleased to hear your boy is ripping it up around the house - can't wait to see what he can do when you get to the bike park - they are made to go big!!

Original 2A Royal Purple
Cori Woods
She loves it!

Got this little cutie for my little cutie. She was so pumped up that the fedex delivery guy probably felt like Santa when she ran up and grabbed it from him! Now she can take it to alll the bmx races

I think most FedEx guys feel like Santa when they deliver these!! They are so good. Hope she gets a head start at all the USA BMX races now - she'll be able to pass all the others on heavy clunkers.

P30 Oil Slick is a sick edition.

Bike came quick right before Christmas . Still trying to figure out the issue with the disc brake coming loose/scraping on frame or brakes. Otherwise my 10 year old son loves the bike !

So glad you’re loving your P30 Moe. You have one lucky 10 yr old.
Check out these instructions for the brakes - if you’re still having issues, please send us an email with a video of what’s happening and we will help you sort the issue.

Great Company! Quality Bikes!

My order was seamless from beginning to end. Shipping was completed earlier than expected and the packaging had no damage. The bike is amazing and my son couldn't be happier. Great company and would recommend to anyone looking to buy a bike.

Thank you Amy, this is so good to hear. We hope your son has the best time on his Wildcat - make sure you tag us in any posts - we'd love to see him shred.

Pro Series P30 Oil Slick
Christine Rizor

I have not received my bike yet

Hi Christine, FedEx is showing that your bike was delivered at 12:47pm on 12/30. If you haven't received it, I'd suggest first giving your local FedEx office a call to see what has happened, and failing that, send us an email and we can look into it on our end.

Pink Camo Tires | Limited Edition
Arlene Bedell
Pink camouflage tires

Love the tires. Look pretty trippy on his bike. Great shipping over Christmas to Western Canada, even came earlier than expected. His previous fat boy tires exploded. For now he is enjoying indoor riding

They are the most trippy!! So pleased that they arrived quickly and you got them early. Thanks for choosing Wildcat this time - very much appreciated.

Christmas joker gone wild

My son got this as a Christmas gift. We actually won it at the Grands. Every day we were there, he asked us for one. It made his Christmas!

So good Jason - super pleased your boy is loving his Wildcat.

Outstanding bike!

My son received this bike for Christmas and he is so thrilled with it! Every time we have taken it out so far, people always stop and ask about it or comment on what a cool bike it is. Additionally, he took it on our family bike ride which I didn't think was a good idea since it's more of a trick bike but he rode it and took some step hills on it too! Absolutely worth every penny!

They are a head turner aren't they LG! Thanks for sharing your feedback and so good to hear your boy is aiming for the Tour de France this year!! haha. That would be a sight to see.

Original 2A Royal Purple
Katherine S
Original 2A Royal Purple

My great grandson loves this bike. He can now ride with his uncle who has one too. Very pleased!

Some might say double trouble!! really pleased he loves it. Welcome to the Wildcat Pride.

Original 2A Lazer
Ashley F

Just purchased a mini bmx bike for my son for Christmas and one of the pedals is faulty and will not fit on the bike! It’s super frustrating

Sorry to hear the crank has been stripped - it sounds like the pedal has been screwed in the wrong way.

Our assembly instructions highlight that the Left Pedal has to be screwed in anti-clockwise.

We’ll reach out on email to get more information from you and see how it can be resolved.

“1) Screw in the pedals. There is a right and left pedal marked R and L on the threaded end. (Right and Left when looking from the rear of the bike). The left pedal has an anti clockwise thread and the right pedal a clockwise thread. Be careful not to cross thread and strip out the crank arm.”

Original 2A Royal Green
Travis Torres

So I bought it for my son, 5 year old .very sick bike for him. Handles bars needed to be changed , because he couldn’t grab the brake . Problem solved, next the seat , the dmx style lean back is so umcortable. Had to buy and new seat and stem and put it in . Other then bike bike is cool.

So pleased that your boy is loving his Wildcat Travis and that he's finding his groove. Look forward to seeing what he's up to on it - make sure you tag us in any posts for a chance to be shared #wildcatminiusa

Original 2A Royal Green
Laura Gardiner

This will be a birthday gift. It’s still in the box until then

What an amazing birthday gift Laura. I hope it's the best present of the year!!