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About us | Wildcat Mini BMX USA

about us Wildcat Mini BMX


The global Wildcat Mini BMX family is a tight knit family of BMX enthusiasts who are passionate about growing the sport and growing what it means to shred hard on BMX bikes.

Wildcat Mini BMX USA is a small family business, and incredibly proud to bring you the BEST MINI BMX IN THE GAME.

We can compete with the big boys because our product is Built for Bigger Things.

Other brands say similar things, but saying you are the best and being the best - as it turns out - is not quite the same thing.

Having boys in our family meant that we were begged for the latest craze at the skate park, and so we started to check out the various mini BMX's on the market.

After trying another brand first, and feeling let down by the quality of what we purchased, we discovered Wildcat - and the rest you can say is history. 

After visiting the factory ourselves to see the passion behind the brand, we agreed to become the exclusive distributor of Wildcat Mini BMX bikes for the USA and Canada, and launched the brand in the USA in 2019.

The strength, innovation program, and safety of these Mini BMX's made it a no brainer for us to bring Wildcat to North America.

There are other Wildcat distributors in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Asia.

Wildcat Mini BMX as a brand has been around since 2015 and our own factory has previously been the manufacturer of other white label brands of Mini BMX bikes.

Designed in Spain, our factory now purely focuses on our own Wildcat brand, which has enabled the team to put more time and effort into research and development, bringing you the very best Mini BMX on the market.

For a full history of Mini BMX, how it started in the 1960's and where we fit in the market, please see the blog A History of Mini BMX