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New stock now available in time for Christmas

November 15, 2020 2 min read

New stock now available in time for Christmas

We are excited to announce that our new stock, including new 2021 models, has now landed and has been unpacked and ready for shipping in time for Christmas.

As we all know, 2020 has been a crazy year, not the least for the BMX / Bicycle industry. Walk into any local bike store and you'll often find that they are limited on stock.

So we are pumped to have brand new stock for the Christmas / Holiday season for 2020.

But it won't last long - our pre-orders already had us sell out of some lines.

So what is new in our latest shipment?

New Cross Wheel Set

We have the brand new ABS wheel on a number of our Original 2A bikes.

Wildcat Cross Wheel Set | Mini BMX wheels

A brand new Cross Wheel Set made from premium ABS material with a CNC Aluminum core, reduces the weight even further and provides an enhanced ride as compared to the clunky cart wheels that most Mini BMX brands use.

Pro Series Joker Green

Introducing the new Pro Series Joker Green with 2021 tires.

This model continues on the true Pro Series blood line but introduces the brand new 2021 tire, with 45 psi pressure and new tread.

Wildcat Mini BMX Pro Series Joker Green

Original 2A Royal Green

Continuing with the Green series of Wildcat Mini BMX bikes is the updated Original 2A Royal Green with Cross Wheel Set.

Complete with Disc Brakes, 2021 tires and Cross Wheel set - you can shred with ease on our best seller for riders up to 175lb.

Wildcat Mini BMX Original 2A Royal Green 2021

Original 2A Royal Blue

Adding to the new Royal Green, is the Original 2A Royal Blue with Cross Wheel Set.

As with all Original 2A's, it comes with a 1 piece crank, recommended for riders up to 175lb and spices up your Flatland and Freestyle BMX tricks with the lighter Cross Wheel Set.

You won't find another Mini Rocker BMX that is lighter or stronger than this little sucker.

Wildcat Mini BMX Original 2A Royal Blue 2021 Cross Wheel Set

Wildcat Mini BMX Original 2A Galaxy Black

For the first time, we are introducing the Original 2A Galaxy Black. Standing out with Chrome and Black, this BMX bike is sure to stand out at the Skatepark or BMX Track.

Wildcat Mini BMX Original 2A Galaxy Black 2021

Mini BMX Parts

If you are needing parts for your Wildcat Mini BMX, or even your Fatboy Mini BMX or Mini Rocker BMX, we have parts for you.

From a 3 piece crank upgrade kit, to disc brakes (only available on some Fatboy's - not suitable for Mini Rocker's) and a huge range of Mini BMX Tires and Tubes - we have your parts covered.

Check out the full range of parts here.

Wildcat Mini BMX Green tires 2021 Wildcat Mini BMX Oil Slick Pegs Wildcat Mini BMX Three Piece Crank Kit











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