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July 18, 2021 2 min read

The mini BMX craze continues to grow across the USA and Canada. But there are a few things you may or not know about riding these exceptionally fun 10” bmx bikes.  

Most mini BMX bikes are made by manufacturers who do it as a side business. They see these bikes as simply a toy that small kids will ride.

Wildcat takes a different view on riding Mini BMX Bikes. We want them to last, and to be tough enough for adults to have fun on them. It’s why we’ve had people such as X-Games and Nitro Circus riders Ryan Williams and Curtis Downs sending it on Wildcat.

Wildcat Mini BMX runs our own full Mini BMX factory. We took up the challenge to make Mini BMX Bikes based on the technical specifications of a full sized 20” BMX bike.   

We don't make toy bikes often found in department stores and cheap knockoffs found on Amazon.

As a result of this, you will often find Wildcat mini BMX parts on many other brands of BMX bikes.

For instance, you'll always find out 9t drivers on Fatboy Mini BMX bikes. Just look for the Wildcat logo the next time you see a Fatboy BMX.  

Wildcat  makes a full range of mini BMX parts and accessories that suit most Mini BMX brands.

Whether it be our pro turbo wheels (made from aluminum and nylon and found as standard on the Pro Series BMX), the cross wheel set (as standard on the Original 2A Wildcats)

Wildcat Mini BMX Turbo WheelWildcat Mini BMX Cross Wheel Set

We have a full range of mini BMX tires including the Pink Camo tires and full Green and Blue mini bmx tires.

Wildcat Mini BMX Pink Camo Tire to fit Mini BMX bike
Wildcat Mini BMX Blue Tire to fit Mini BMX bike
Wildcat Mini BMX Green Tire to fit Mini BMX bike
You’ll also find pro pegs, handlebars, pedals, seats, three piece cranks and disc brakes.

In fact, ever Wildcat Mini BMX bike comes with Disc Brakes as standard – we are the only brand to make disc brakes for a mini bmx bike.

Wildcat Mini BMX Disc Brake

If you're after a disc brake for a non Wildcat mini BMX bike, there are a small range of Minis that will take our disc brakes but it will depend on what your frame is.

There is a small range of Fatboy mini BMX bikes that Wildcat disc brakes will fit on, depending if they have the following mounting points on the frame.

(Note, some of the frames on the bikes listed below have been updated and the mounting points for disc brakes have been removed)

- Fatboy Viper 

- Fatboy Warhead 

- Fatboy Hawker 

- Fatboy Black Hawk Pro 

- Fatboy Atomic Pro 

- Fatboy Jet Fighter  

- Fatboy Blackout 

- Fatboy Tomahawk 

However Wildcat disc brakes will not fit on any Rocker mini BMX, Bounce Mini BMX, Sullivan Mini or Mayhem Mini BMX.

For the full range of Mini BMX parts, check out this page

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