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How to change the tire on a Wildcat Mini BMX Turbo Wheel?

Instructions for changing other wheels:

  1. Important - deflate tire - no need to remove disc if present (but does help when re-inflating to get pump onto valve head).
  2. On the chain/driver side, undo 5 x 3mm hub lock nuts
  3. Driver side again - wind off axle nut driver spacer. If you keep it horizontal, the driver & spacers can all stay in hub. If not, carefully remove and take note of order of assembly.
  4. remove aluminum hub, and pull out the 1/2 nylon rim giving access to remove tire.
  5. Swap tube to new tire ensuring tread direction is correct
  6. re-assemble (make sure all axle spacers are replaced, and driver/washers are in correct order)
  7. ensure tire is centered on rim prior to inflation to prevent wobble (there’s a little bit of wiggle room when the tire is deflated)

How to assemble a Wildcat Turbo Wheel