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How to change the tire on a Wildcat Mini BMX?

The Hi-ten wheels are generally found on our Original 1 and Original 2A and 2B Bikes. 

For full instructions on a Cross Wheel Set, please click here

For instructions on changing a Turbo Wheel, please click here

Instructions for changing the tire on a Hi-Ten wheel

  1. Important - deflate tire
  2. If disc brake is present, using a long screwdriver or similar - lever the disc anti-clockwise against hub to get started winding it off
    how to change the wildcat mini bmx tire
  3. Undo the 5 x eye-bolts holding the hub half together (5mm hex one side, hub tool the other but sometimes not required. A super wide flat head screwdriver also works)
  4. Pull out the non-fixed side of the hub (opposite side to driver) and you should be able to get the tire off.
  5. Swap tube to new tyre ensuring tread direction is correct
  6. Re-assemble