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September 20, 2019 5 min read

The mini BMX community is tight knit but grows in size every year. The Wildcat Mini BMX family is dedicated to servicing and exploding the new phenomenon throughout the world. In order to do so Wildcat Mini BMX must continue building the team. And, that's why they are excited to announce an awesome new addition to the proud Wildcat Mini BMX community, Jeremiah Morris!


Jeremiah is an original Mini BMX'er. We were pumped when he reached out to our team asking to join the Wildcat Pride. Jeremiah, 28 years old, started riding Mini BMX bikes 10 years ago, after he had a bad accident on his full size BMX. He fell 17ft off a jump snapping his leg in multiple places. When he saw his doctor, he was told his BMX riding days were over – but that didn’t stop Jeremiah.

On a trip to Chandler AZ, he bought a 12” bike from Kmart and parts from eBay. He started playing around with it making his very own unique Mini BMX. Initially, he called it an XMB – (BMX backwards but also stands for Xtreme Mini Biking).

You can view one of his early videos here, shot back in early 2009.

We had the pleasure of interviewing Jeremiah. We asked what made him switch to Mini BMX bikes, "It was really just an alternative to riding a full size BMX, because I didn’t want to kill myself riding which was the fear after my accident."

Jeremiah went on to purchase his first professional Mini BMX bike, a Fatboy Mini BMX. Using his new bike, he learned to ride harder and faster. Recently he's been riding for Rocker Mini BMX, the most well known Mini BMX bike in the USA.

So why the change to Wildcat Mini BMX?

Jeremiah always watched Wildcat from afar, but due to Wildcat Bikes not being in the USA the opportunity to ride for us wasn’t there. So, when Wildcat Mini BMX launched in the USA, in June of 2019, he jumped at the opportunity to try the top of the range Wildcat Mini BMX Pro Series. The Royal Purple Pro Series bike was his first Wildcat purchase. "I wanted to ride for Wildcat because the bikes looked amazing and the geometry looked so much better. Given the longest top tube on the market, it’s easier to get space for my knees, and just so much easier to ride,” Jeremiah said.

His initial thoughts? "It’s like the most comfortable thing I’ve ever ridden," he said. "You can tell that there’s time invested in the build, and it’s not just mass produced and shoved out the door!"

"The geometry reminds me of one of the early bikes I built myself," Jeremiah says reminiscing on his early built Mini BMX.


The quality of our bikes are another testament why Jeremiah joined Wildcat BMX. "I was destroying the other Mini BMX’s I had and I thought there had to be a better option. The quality of Wildcat BMX is amazing – I’ve never seen better...If you want a bike that you have to keep fixing, go for something cheaper. But if you want something that will last, buy a Wildcat Mini BMX. It just makes more sense."

Wildcat Mini BMX is absolutely passionate about developing the sport by pushing the boundaries. It was only a few months ago that we launched the first Pro Turbo Wheel – a nylon and aluminum combined wheel that's lighter and stronger than any other Mini BMX wheel on the market. Gone are the days of riding a BMX Mini with cart wheels.

We will keep pushing the boundaries and jumping walls on the technological side of Wildcat BMX bikes. We want kids, teenagers, and adults alike to be able to rely on their Wildcats, enjoying the sensation of shredding on a mini bike.

The Pro Series, that Jeremy is now riding, comes complete with 6061 Aluminum 4 piece Cro-Moly bars, 25 tooth aluminum chain wheel and a strong 3 piece Cro-Moly crank that’s been tested successfully up to 265lbs. (recommended use up to 220lbs) It also includes CNC’d alloy forks with integrated head tube, fully adjustable pivot seat, sealed inner bearing head parts and a pro-link chain.

The Wildcat Pro Series comes in three colors: Oil Slick Royal Green, Oil Slick Royal Purple and Royal Blue.

Jeremiah isn’t the only rider in the US to love their Wildcat Mini. Patrick Hertel, another Mini BMX'er, now owns two Wildcat Pro Series said, “This is my second Wildcat Pro Series. After I got (my first) one my daughter had to have one. Once again amazing build quality. Now me and my daughter can rip up the streets and trails together!”

For riders who are less experienced we recommend the Wildcat Original 1 range of bikes which is our base model built for big airs, park jamming or flat ground tech-tricks. 

If you plan on purchasing your first Wildcat Mini BMX, the Original 1 range offers you the perfect combination of great performance and safety at an affordable price.

The Original 2 range is built for more professional levelpark,street and jump riding. With an updated frame design and smaller bars for kids up to 4'5" tall.

The 2A features 2-piece Cro-Moly handle bars and a 1-piece crank. This has been tested successfully to handle upto 220lbs(recommended for those up to 175lbs).

The 2B is a step up from the 2A with 4 PC Cro-Moly bars and a 3-piece crank. This has been tested successfully to handle up to 265lbs. (recommend it for riders up to 220lbs)

The Original 2 range upwards also features the latest edition of ourtires that are much lighter with faster roll speed and comes with disc brakes as standard. In fact, Wildcat Mini BMX is the only Mini bikes that have disc brakes (available on the Original 2 and Pro Series).

So, what are you waiting for? Come join Jeremiah Morris as he shreds harder than ever before on the lightest and strongest  BMX Mini, Wildcat Mini BMX.

Available in the USA. You won’t be disappointed.

About Wildcat Mini BMX USA.

Wildcat bikes are chunky, fully spec'd mini versions of a 20” BMX bike. They boast the strongest weight rating and best warranty available. Wildcat BMX's are specially designed for both kids, teens and adults to shred with ease!

Our BMX Mini bikes are made to last, and come with quality components throughout - rather than plastic, or cart wheels, as found on department store bikes.

We stock a full range of parts and accessories, including Mini BMX Pegs, handle bars, seats, chains, and we are the only Mini bike to have disc brakes included to ensure safety.

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2A royal purple

I really like it so far. I'm 5'10 145lb and 34 years. I bought to ride with my son who is just learning to ride. so now I can have fun and trick while he is learning the basics. So I have the one piece crank and it feels good and strong. (Was a lil hesitant) I also got the break. And with some adjustment it stops me real nice. At 145lb wasn't sure how it would work. but it does good, very happy about that. Frame is beautiful and feels super sturdy. Only things I don't really like are the pedals (seem cheap)(sorry)and the seat could be more adjustable. I know you can buy em but at 370$ I assumed it would adjust and the pedals would be of decent quality. The box was ripped and a screw on the headset was bent and it is also pretty scratched. Just went to local bike shop and replaced the screw but the scratches are lame. Anyway I love it and it's super fun to ride around the house. I'm just a big kid

Thanks so much for your review Travis - they are the best to ride around with your young kids - before you know it he'll want his own. Sorry there was an issue with the bolt - glad you got it sorted. If you have a photo of the damage to the box, please send it through to us so we can follow up with FedEx. Enjoy riding it.
Mini bike

This is a wonderful bike thank yall my son loves it and great wonderful service I recommend to anyone. All parts where there and was an easy install once again thank you

Thanks so much Florentino - really pleased that your son loves the bike. Hope he gets hours and hours of fun on it.
Wildcat review

I got 2 bikes so I’ll combine em. I got the Blue Pro and the chrome mini freak.

In my opinion the grips on the bikes are too wide. It does give you plenty room to grip however it forces the break handle clamp into the bar bend. So It doesn’t sit right and isn’t snug. I’d also like them to have a much longer seat post for a higher seat setting.

I also think the Pro should come with the pegs.. it just should. That being said, the bikes are awesome. They’re very good build quality and tough little bmx’ers. I’m an old dirt jumper/park rider and don’t feel like I have to take it easy on the bike at all. I’d break something before the bike does. Having fun learning to ride them.

I like the larger chro-mo bars on the freak a little better than the bars on the pro. Just a better fit for me. I do like the pro wheels, they seem a little tougher then the standard wheels, however the standard wheels are perfectly fine.

Overall cool bikes. At the skate park I had both kids and some parents ask me where I got them :-)

Ride on.

Huge thanks for your review and really helpful feedback Ren - that's appreciated. Really pleased that you love the build and quality of the bikes - but would prefer it if you don't break anything on yourself first ! Will pass your feedback in regards to the bars and grips onto the team - we are always looking for feedback so we can keep improving them.

I bought my son a mini for Christmas! The customer service was wonderful in explaining what needed assembled and if I, a super not handy mom, could pull it off on Christmas Eve. haha! Which I was able to btw! They are very quick to respond to any emails and issues. My son has been on his bike as much as possible since Santa brought it. We get tons of questions and compliments about where we got it and how cool it looks. Good purchase, great customer service! Highly recommend!

Love it Jayne, and so pleased that you found it easy to get the few parts assembled. Hope it gives hours and hours of fun for your son. Shred hard and so glad you’re part of the Wildcat Pride.

Very awesome

Thanks man, appreciate the 5 stars.