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Wildcat Mini BMX | Instructions on adjusting the Disc Brakes

Wildcat Mini BMX is the only Mini BMX with Disc Brakes.

Wildcat Mini BMX Disc Brake

If you are trying to adjust the disc brakes, have a look at the instructions below that will help you get the most out of your Mini BMX.

Hex/Allen sizes: 

- all on disc caliper are 4 mm

- Mount to frame — large eye bolt mount is 5 mm, small stabilizer hex bolt is 2.5 mm

- lever mount for handle bars is 5 mm

- Small lever adjuster (only needed for small hands!) is 2 mm.

- Wheel/axle nuts are 15 mm


1)  Turn the bike upside-down. Undo the back wheel/axle bolts which will loosen the chain. Then slip the chain off the front sprocket (where the crank/pedals are). This is done by pushing the chain outwards and back-pedaling the crank. Then remove the back wheel.

Wildcat Mini BMX instructions for installing disc brakesWildcat Mini BMX instructions for installing disc brakes
Wildcat Mini BMX instructions for installing disc brakes

2) wind the disc onto the thread on the wheel/hub, opposite side to the driver. This is self tightening due to thread direction when brakes are applied, but it pays to tighten a bit before hand to prevent it dislodging before fully tightened... Use a screwdriver or similar to lever agains the hub to prevent it coming loose first ride (reverse this to remove to change tyre). Put the screwdriver through the disc and hub and gently lever clockwise to tighten.

Wildcat Mini BMX instructions for installing disc brakesWildcat Mini BMX instructions for installing disc brakes

3) attach the caliper to the frame mount on the inside as shown. First put the larger eye bolt in (larger piece inside, hex facing out), wind in to hold in place but don’t fully tighten so you can position for the smaller stabilizer bolt. Put this in and tighten up completely. Then fully tighten the larger eye bolt to secure in place. Also on the back of the caliper there is a hex to adjust the brake pad in and out. Adjust this out so there is only around 0.5 - 1 mm of the pad visible on the disc side. This will give you some room to adjust and align the disc.

Wildcat Mini BMX instructions for installing disc brakesWildcat Mini BMX instructions for installing disc brakes

4) Put the wheel and chain back on sitting the disc inside the caliper. Ensuring the chain is the correct tightness and the wheel is aligned centre (crank should turn freely, but chain shouldn’t sag or come off easily without force). You can use the small drill holes on the frame to help centre the wheel. Once the wheel is on correctly we can adjust and tighten the caliper.

Wildcat Mini BMX instructions for installing disc brakes

5) Align the caliper on the disc and tighten the two adjuster bolts (one top and one on bottom of caliper, top one shown in pic below). Check the caliper is semi centered on the disc so that pads each side of disc are approximately an even distance, if not slightly closer to the wheel side. You don’t need to be super fussy with this as long as it isn’t rubbing when brakes aren’t applied. Hold the caliper in place as you tighten and look that you keep clear space between the disc & caliper as you tighten. If it touches and any adjustment is needed — loosen them off again and repeat. The adjuster bolts should be tight once done, but use caution as the caliper is aluminum to keep weight down and is softer than the steel bolts, don’t over tighten.

Wildcat Mini BMX instructions for installing disc brakes

5) Put the lever onto the handle bar right hand side (when viewed from riders position), be careful to get the bolt aligned correctly in the hole, gently wind in. The lever is also made from aluminum to keep weight down, so can thread against the harder steel bolt.

Wildcat Mini BMX instructions for installing disc brakes

6) On the lever, align the adjusters so the openings line up as pictured below. Insert the cable into the lever as shown, pull down through the opening you’ve made then wind the adjusters in so they are tight against the lever. This allows adjustment if the cable begins to stretch over time. The small allen bolt you can see (has blue thread lock showing) can be wound in to adjust the lever inwards for small hands.

Wildcat Mini BMX instructions for installing disc brakesWildcat Mini BMX instructions for installing disc brakesWildcat Mini BMX instructions for installing disc brakesWildcat Mini BMX instructions for installing disc brakes

7) Insert the cable into the disc caliper as shown below, and through the clamp bolt on the arm. Pull the cable so the brake lever on the handlebars holds together, you don’t have to pull it too tight, just so the cable and tube sits in correctly at both the lever and caliper ends.


Then push the caliper lever as shown in the two shots below so the pads are nearly touching the disc (hold the cable with other hand so it slides up the cable instead of pushing it back up the tube), and tighten the cable clamp (my thumb is touching this). 

If the brakes aren't tight enough, loosen the cable clamp again and push lever a little further forward with your thumb, re-tighten. Vice versa if it’s too tight and grabs the disc when brakes aren’t applied, let it slide back a few mm. Tighten, and you’re done!
Wildcat Mini BMX instructions for installing disc brakesWildcat Mini BMX instructions for installing disc brakes

If needed any minor adjustments can be done at the adjuster (silver, end of cable tube where it sits in the caliper) — but try get it adjusted at the caliper first so you have room to adjust in the future.

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54 reviews
2A royal purple

I really like it so far. I'm 5'10 145lb and 34 years. I bought to ride with my son who is just learning to ride. so now I can have fun and trick while he is learning the basics. So I have the one piece crank and it feels good and strong. (Was a lil hesitant) I also got the break. And with some adjustment it stops me real nice. At 145lb wasn't sure how it would work. but it does good, very happy about that. Frame is beautiful and feels super sturdy. Only things I don't really like are the pedals (seem cheap)(sorry)and the seat could be more adjustable. I know you can buy em but at 370$ I assumed it would adjust and the pedals would be of decent quality. The box was ripped and a screw on the headset was bent and it is also pretty scratched. Just went to local bike shop and replaced the screw but the scratches are lame. Anyway I love it and it's super fun to ride around the house. I'm just a big kid

Thanks so much for your review Travis - they are the best to ride around with your young kids - before you know it he'll want his own. Sorry there was an issue with the bolt - glad you got it sorted. If you have a photo of the damage to the box, please send it through to us so we can follow up with FedEx. Enjoy riding it.
Mini bike

This is a wonderful bike thank yall my son loves it and great wonderful service I recommend to anyone. All parts where there and was an easy install once again thank you

Thanks so much Florentino - really pleased that your son loves the bike. Hope he gets hours and hours of fun on it.
Wildcat review

I got 2 bikes so I’ll combine em. I got the Blue Pro and the chrome mini freak.

In my opinion the grips on the bikes are too wide. It does give you plenty room to grip however it forces the break handle clamp into the bar bend. So It doesn’t sit right and isn’t snug. I’d also like them to have a much longer seat post for a higher seat setting.

I also think the Pro should come with the pegs.. it just should. That being said, the bikes are awesome. They’re very good build quality and tough little bmx’ers. I’m an old dirt jumper/park rider and don’t feel like I have to take it easy on the bike at all. I’d break something before the bike does. Having fun learning to ride them.

I like the larger chro-mo bars on the freak a little better than the bars on the pro. Just a better fit for me. I do like the pro wheels, they seem a little tougher then the standard wheels, however the standard wheels are perfectly fine.

Overall cool bikes. At the skate park I had both kids and some parents ask me where I got them :-)

Ride on.

Huge thanks for your review and really helpful feedback Ren - that's appreciated. Really pleased that you love the build and quality of the bikes - but would prefer it if you don't break anything on yourself first ! Will pass your feedback in regards to the bars and grips onto the team - we are always looking for feedback so we can keep improving them.

I bought my son a mini for Christmas! The customer service was wonderful in explaining what needed assembled and if I, a super not handy mom, could pull it off on Christmas Eve. haha! Which I was able to btw! They are very quick to respond to any emails and issues. My son has been on his bike as much as possible since Santa brought it. We get tons of questions and compliments about where we got it and how cool it looks. Good purchase, great customer service! Highly recommend!

Love it Jayne, and so pleased that you found it easy to get the few parts assembled. Hope it gives hours and hours of fun for your son. Shred hard and so glad you’re part of the Wildcat Pride.

Very awesome

Thanks man, appreciate the 5 stars.