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Original 2A Lazer


The Original 2A range is built for more serious park, street and jump riding. All Original 2A Wildcats come with Disc Brakes as standard. They have a one piece crank for riders up to 175lb.


  • Wildcat Mini BMX specifications Crazy Boy

    The Wildcat Mini BMX Original 2A range is built for riders looking to get more out of their time at the Skate Park or BMX Track and send it on the most advanced Mini Bike available.

    It’s the only Mini BMX Bike in the USA and Canada with Disc brakes and includes the new high pressure tire and cross wheel rims. Forget heavy and clunky cart wheels, our CNC aluminum and fibre infused nylon wheels take things to the next level.

    Built super tough for general skatepark and jump use, the Original 2A features Cro-Moly bars and a 1 piece heat-forged crank. Tested successfully on riders up to 220lb, but due to the high-impact style of riding we recommend over 175lb riders select models with the 3 piece crank.

    All Wildcat Mini BMX feature the specially designed 9 tooth Wildcat cassette hub for the perfect gearing ratio as well as fast, precise, and loud engagement.

    Suitable for park, track and competition use. (Road use requires reflectors and bell.)

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Customer Reviews

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Cori Woods (Chico, US)
She loves it!

Got this little cutie for my little cutie. She was so pumped up that the fedex delivery guy probably felt like Santa when she ran up and grabbed it from him! Now she can take it to alll the bmx races

Katherine S (East Lansing, US)
Original 2A Royal Purple

My great grandson loves this bike. He can now ride with his uncle who has one too. Very pleased!

Some might say double trouble!! really pleased he loves it. Welcome to the Wildcat Pride.

Ashley F (Lethbridge, CA)

Just purchased a mini bmx bike for my son for Christmas and one of the pedals is faulty and will not fit on the bike! It’s super frustrating

Sorry to hear the crank has been stripped - it sounds like the pedal has been screwed in the wrong way.

Our assembly instructions highlight that the Left Pedal has to be screwed in anti-clockwise.

We’ll reach out on email to get more information from you and see how it can be resolved.

“1) Screw in the pedals. There is a right and left pedal marked R and L on the threaded end. (Right and Left when looking from the rear of the bike). The left pedal has an anti clockwise thread and the right pedal a clockwise thread. Be careful not to cross thread and strip out the crank arm.”

Travis Torres (Staten Island, US)

So I bought it for my son, 5 year old .very sick bike for him. Handles bars needed to be changed , because he couldn’t grab the brake . Problem solved, next the seat , the dmx style lean back is so umcortable. Had to buy and new seat and stem and put it in . Other then bike bike is cool.

So pleased that your boy is loving his Wildcat Travis and that he's finding his groove. Look forward to seeing what he's up to on it - make sure you tag us in any posts for a chance to be shared #wildcatminiusa

Laura Gardiner (Scarborough, US)

This will be a birthday gift. It’s still in the box until then

What an amazing birthday gift Laura. I hope it's the best present of the year!!